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Similarly, if conditions such as anxiety or depression can be alleviated by an individual addressing the root of his or her struggle, this challenges the conception of anxiety or depression as a potentially arbitrary chemical imbalance that can only be improved by further altering one's brain chemistry with prescription medications on a daily basis.

Not only are psychedelics proving to be dramatically more effective in treating these intractable conditions, but they are also safer and more cost-effective than most current modes of treatment.

In a world where, e Harmony and other online dating services are staples of single life, a handful of Stanford alums are pretty sure they did it first.

In 1959, Jim Harvey, ’58, and Phil Fialer, ’60, MS ’64, enrolled in Math 139, Theory and Operation of Computing Machines.

The draw: getting to do a project using Stanford’s IBM 650 mainframe computer.

The pair chose to try their hand at matchmaking and put together questionnaires for the Happy Families Planning Service.

Recently, Swiss researchers published the results of their government-approved, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study evaluating LSD-assisted psychotherapy as treatment for end-of-life anxiety.

The results were overwhelmingly positive: Patients' anxiety levels plummeted following only two LSD-assisted psychotherapy sessions, and no adverse effects were recorded beyond temporary and therapeutic moments of distress during the LSD experience.

actually gets to the core of the problems." Peter, a terminally ill patient who participated in the recent Swiss study, recalled to the , "The major part was pure distress at all these memories I had successfully forgotten for decades...

Despite having a modest discography of only four 7” singles to his name his influence is a major current that flows through over 50 years of Turkish pop culture.

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